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Updated: Mar 26

Introducing the SS Model Grey

sargam e ride grey e rickshaw

An innovative and eco-friendly solution revolutionizing urban transportation. Built with a mission to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable living, the Sargam E Ride Grey Model is the epitome of intelligent design, efficiency, and comfort. Designed to navigate congested city streets effortlessly, the Sargam E Ride Grey Model showcases a perfect blend of technology, performance, and environmental consciousness. With its electric-powered engine, this e rickshaw emits zero tailpipe emissions, ensuring cleaner air and a healthier future for our cities.

Key Features

Eco-Friendly Performance

The Sargam E Ride Grey Model runs on a powerful electric motor, eliminating harmful emissions and reducing noise pollution.

Sleek and Stylish Design

Combining aesthetics and functionality, this e rickshaw features a modern design that catches the eye while maximizing passenger comfort.

Spacious Seating

With ample seating capacity, the Sargam E Ride Grey Model offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride for both passengers and drivers alike.

Long Battery Life

Equipped with an advanced battery system, this e rickshaw provides an extended range, allowing for more trips on a single charge.

Safety Features

The Sargam E Ride Grey Model is equipped with advanced safety features, including a sturdy body frame, reliable braking system, and enhanced stability for a secure ride.

Looking to venture into the world of electric vehicles? Join us in revolutionizing transportation with our E Rickshaws, E-Carts, Electric Loaders, and more!

For Dealership and Distribution Partnership inquiries, please call us at 9068222669, 7454802669.

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